Working From Home and Owning Your Time!

Working From Home and Owning Your Time

Working From Home and Owning Your Time!

Ok Sparkle Sisters, time for some real talk, which is probably long overdue.

Let’s talk about working from home and owning your time. You start by becoming a consultant with Paparazzi Accessories and becoming a part of the ever-growing Sparkle Seeds Sisterhood.

We all know that we spend a huge portion of our time doing things for others. You might be catering to your family by cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, or playing chauffeur. Or you might be slaving away at your job, and you are probably doing BOTH! There must be many times that you feel that your time is not your own.
It’s out of love and necessity that we do the things that we do, but those actions can be very draining. And doing for others certainly leaves very little time for ourselves.

The reality is, most of your time is not your own and claiming time for yourself seems next to impossible. It makes us women feel selfish and it also puts us behind with our “chores” and other duties. There never seems to be enough hours in the day and when we do get a minute to “breathe”, we want to relax or sleep.

Working From Home Starting Today

But what if you had the capability, TODAY, to begin the process of working from home and owning your time? What if you actually owned your time, and still had time to take care of the things that mattered most? I was sitting right where you are until I joined Paparazzi Accessories and subsequently created Sparkle Seeds. I felt as if I had never reached my personal goals and dreams.

As you may know, my Paparazzi Jewelry journey started with an online order. The minute I received my order in the mail, the rest was history! I opened that envelope, saw the quality of the jewelry and lost my mind! I thought, “wait a minute…I can actually do this. If I love it this much, then I know my friends will love it this much. If that is the case then why wouldn’t every woman love it this much…and who doesn’t love saving money!” I wanted to work from home and own my time and I actually felt empowered enough to do so.

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

After I finished my first Paparazzi Party, I sat down and pulled out a notepad. Then I poured myself a glass of wine, and sat at my desk in my office. To start I wanted to figure out exactly who or what owned my time. Focusing on that I started by calculating everything I used to do in a normal 24-hour day. First, I subtracted the hours I spent working, sleeping, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, and commuting to and from work, etc. While I truly enjoy some of the things in my to do list, I quickly realized that my time was not my own. Once that seed was planted, there was no stopping me. I reached out to a consultant, told her that I wanted to do what she was doing, and she helped my order my Starter Kit.

Was I scared? HECK YES, I was scared! But I knew one thing for sure, I wanted to own MY time! My goal was not to separate myself from my family. It was to enhance my lifestyle and the time that I spend with my family. And I also knew that I wanted to help others, own beautiful jewelry for every outfit, and make my personal financial dreams come true. I knew that I did not want to continue living by everyone else’s expectations and what they wanted me to do. While I dearly love my family, I realized that if I didn’t start owning my time, I was not going to fulfill my personal dreams.

What is Your Time Worth?

Your time is valuable, regardless of what anyone else may think, and your time is your own, you just have to make it known! We always use the verbs “spend” and “own” in relation to time. And it makes perfect sense when you consider how valuable your time really is. Time is the single most important asset that you possess. If you don’t own your time, I guarantee that something or someone else does. Don’t you really want to jump off that merry-go-round? I certainly did, and while it was a big leap, it’s the smartest move I ever made towards owning my time and my life. If you feel the same way, join me at Sparkle Seeds and Paparazzi Accessories as a consultant.

Earn Unlimited Income

You can work from home, set your own hours and decide where, when and how you want to display your Paparazzi Jewelry. Additionally, you get to pick out gorgeous jewelry that your friends, family and coworkers will love, and work with happy, upbeat people. One of the greatest aspects of joining Paparazzi Jewelry is that you will have an excellent network and support staff of women just like you. The Sparkle Seeds Sisterhood sincerely cares about you and your success. I promise you that I will do everything in my power to help you own your time.

Joining Paparazzi Accessories really serves several purposes, and besides owning your time, you also have the capability of earning unlimited income. This means that once you own your time, you could also finally earn the financial independence that you want. Owning your time means you want financial stability and money to vacation, spend the day at the spa or mall, and save for the future. When you sell a piece of Paparazzi Jewelry, you earn 45% commission; that’s an awesome $2.25 for every $5 that you bring in! And if you’ve ever been to a Paparazzi Party, you already know that the jewelry sells itself. So, owning your time could mean more financial freedom.

Pursue Your Dreams

It is never too late to pursue your dreams and joining Paparazzi Accessories is living proof of that. As I said, I am happier than I have ever been and want to share my success with everyone that wants to own their time. Plus, you will be working with wonderful people and charming jewelry.

Having said all of that, what are you waiting for? Whatever you do, do not lose sight of your dreams. The word “own” is a verb, an action, a step that you actively decide to make. We will do our utmost best to try to help you bring your dreams to life, but we need your help! Let’s watch your dreams come to life together. It has worked for me and thousands of others who used to feel the same way that you do. And once you’re on the Sparkle train, your training will begin. Together, we will explore building your very own team, achieving recognition from Paparazzi Accessories, and all the ways you can increase your income.

So, now that you’ve recognized your dream of working from home and owning your time and you’ve got a team, Let’s Rock this! Own your time by building your dreams. You know that Paparazzi Accessories is just awesome, it offers something for everyone, and every piece is a very affordable $5. You also know that my awesome Sparkle Sisterhood is here for you, you could earn unlimited income, and you get to Party Like a Boss!

10 thoughts on “Working From Home and Owning Your Time!

  1. Emilia Hartman says:

    Have read so much about Paparazzi jewelry online. I am thinking strongly about joining. I believe this will definitely get me out of my comfort zone and on my way to making the extra $$ that I truly need. Thanks Jami, this post was right on point for me.

  2. Sandra says:

    Working from home is a privilege that must be earned by all single moms. Don’t think twice subscribe to Paparazzi consultancy as I did 3 months ago… Trust me you won’t regret it

  3. Tracy Ayer says:

    Connecting with new business networks helps me meet people who share my situation, and most times their innovation helps me learn better ways to do business. Thanks, I’ll surely give paparazzi a try and I hope it turns out well

  4. Jana Mitchell says:

    I told my husband I was going to start up a paparazzi consulting about 2 months ago and he thought I was crazy wondering who would make a profit from a $5 goods. Today the results speak for itself and I can’t be any more grateful I took the bold step.

  5. Barbara says:

    These jewelries are so beautiful and attractive. I can’t see even a beginner going wrong on this network. Every one of them is attractive and worth wearing, so it looks like I will just start with the starter pack and work my way through to the top. Thanks again Jami

  6. Meredith says:

    I’ve bought many of these jewelries off her my friend’s website, The necklaces are very pretty. I highly recommend it, and yes, it’s worth the money.

  7. Myra Wagner says:

    Thanks the jewelries are amazing especially the earring. I always have problems with my other earrings getting a cloudy film over them and not staying as shiny but these have looked the same since day 1. They don’t turn my ear green or cause any irritation. They are worth the money!

  8. Britney Schwartz says:

    I love these earrings, I wear them every day! I like that there are a bunch of different sizes
    I’d also welcome the idea of becoming a consultant under your mentorship. Thank you

    – Britney

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