Failure, The Secret Ingredient for the Recipe for Success!

Failure, The Secret Ingredient for the Recipe for Success!

Failure, The Secret Ingredient for the Recipe for Success!

Hi Sparkle Sisters! I just want to share a little-known secret that is a must-have ingredient in the Recipe for Success. I don’t know about you, but there have been times that I attempted something out of my comfort zone, only to fail on the first try. My goals are super important to me, and I’m just not the girl that’s going to throw her hands in the air and walk away. Failure use to really bother me, but it just doesn’t anymore. And that’s because I came to a crazy realization: Without failure; I would NEVER achieve the success that I really wanted and deserved.

In fact, I eventually fully realized that there really is no such thing as Success without failure. And my success and happiness with Paparazzi Accessories stands on the different failures that I have had in my life. I am no longer ashamed of my failures. They’ve made me stronger than I’ve ever been, they’ve made me more determined than ever before, and they’ve pushed me to try harder than I ever have!

Failure No Longer Scares Me

Failure no longer scares me, but not trying to fulfill my dreams frightens me to no end. Rather than give up, I put on my favorite outfit, my matching Paparazzi Jewelry, and my biggest smile, and go at my goal with enthusiasm. And sometimes, it’s a second, third or fourth try before I reach my goal.

I have come to appreciate my success, much more than I ever would have without my failures. I know that it’s not always easy, and sometimes, it’s super hard. But, to be honest, it’s the difficulty that makes the success so awesome. My lifetime of failures have brought me to where I am today and it makes any amount of success that I am having sparkle that much brighter.

Failure Paves the Road to Success!

Most everyone that I have known throughout my life has failed at one thing or another in their life. I can really separate these people into two categories. 1) Those who fail and try again and again until they succeed; and 2) Those who fail and walk away. And this is my truth: The most successful people that I know failed many more times than those that just gave up after a failure.

Failing absolutely paves the way to succeeding at whatever you’re doing. So even though many of us are shameful of our failures, we need to turn that around. There is zero shame or disgrace in not getting something right the first time. I will no longer let my failures get the best of me. My friends, family, and Sparkle Sisterhood get the best of me.

I am just not the girl who is crazy enough to believe that everything I touch will turn to gold. Why would I? Why does anyone? I really believe that failure is not nearly as bad, for most of us, as admitting failure. But I just don’t look at it that way; and I don’t want anyone on my Team to look at it that way either.

Sparkles are meant to shine, no matter the circumstances. Many, many very successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, attorneys, physicians, and authors came from less than ideal circumstances. If they can do it, why can’t I? I have decided that all it takes is drive, a positive outlook, and a can-do attitude.

Don’t Let Your Past Stop You from Trying Again!

The success that we are experiencing being a part of Sparkle Seeds is nothing short of amazing. There are many people involved in the success of one person at Paparazzi Accessories. We also have well-crafted, gorgeous jewelry, more than affordable prices, and excellent profit margins! Success in Paparazzi Accessories can be just around your corner. Don’t let your past failures or let-downs stop you from trying again! We are all here for you, take advantage of what Paparazzi has to offer each and every one of you!

I firmly believe that everyone craves success and positive validation. So, I make it a point to give myself and everyone around me positive validation. Every. Single. Day. No matter what may be going on with me, I put a smile on my face and do my best to sparkle and shine. I have learned that my successes will not just come to me. I have to make them happen. And that is the exact reason that I joined Paparazzi Accessories.

True Leaders Actively Embrace Failure

I watched my first online party, and the hostess was not happy, not upbeat, not anything… yet, she sure was selling a lot of jewelry! I ordered a few pieces from her that night and when those arrived, I took one look at the quality and knew that if I loved it this much, everyone I know will love it this much! Then I thought to myself…What if I did the same online parties and actually smiled? What if I had great lighting? What if I actually made it fun? If she could sell as many pieces as she was selling, then surely I could too!

Failure was not an option. I just knew that was exactly what I wanted. I had no idea, at that point, that joining Paparazzi Accessories meant the potential for unlimited income. I also had no idea that I would have so much success selling really cute jewelry or that I could make a career out of it. All I knew was that I really loved the jewelry, was fired up to work it as a business and I wanted to own it!

Our Goal is Your Success

Don’t look at your failures as unsuccessful attempts at whatever you tried. View them as a yet-to-attain goals or simply as one more step towards eventual success! Failure is reserved for everyone, whether you are successful or not. True leaders actively embrace failure as the most important ingredient in the recipe for success. Failure is temporary; let’s make your success long term! You are NOT your past mistakes or failures; you are a product of living and learning.

Opportunity is knocking at your door, all you have to do is open up, invite us in, and let your road to success begin. And if you don’t achieve every goal on your first try? We will be right here for you! Our goal is your success. The magnitude of your success relies on you but every member of the Sparkle Seeds team is here ready to assist. Our mission is to maintain our reality-driven goals, while realizing that without failure, our recipe for success will be missing the main ingredient.

7 thoughts on “Failure, The Secret Ingredient for the Recipe for Success!

  1. Cheryl says:

    Thank you Jami,
    You are very correct on this one. I have learned much more from failure than success. Success actually can be a very poor teacher, especially if done through bad habits.

  2. Myra Wagner says:

    Imagine if Edison had quit working on the light bulb after the first failure. Am sure the world would be a different place by now. Failure to me is a process and quitting is losing. The first business I ever started with lots of money failed woefully but the experience and lessons learnt helped my second one get back on its feet and did wonderfully well till this very moment. Thanks Jami, this is so on point

  3. Priscilla Hogan says:

    Thanks for this great insight and motivation! It’s really helpful as I have been thinking of joining Paparazzi network and at the same time being skeptical if I would succeed or not. I have now made up my mind and willing to experiment even if I would fail a few times. Thanks again

    – Priscilla

  4. Tracy Ayer says:

    Seriously it’s the fear of failure that has prevented and pervades me from starting off my internet business till this very moment. I just realized it’s really a debilitating impediment to my success. Glad I bumped into this wonderful article

  5. Peggy Bergman says:

    I find it hard overcoming these fears of failures due to past experiences which are very traumatic. Will be very glad if I can get to meet you personally for coaching. I live in Jacksonville and the Paparazzi networks is fairly new so it’ll be an excellent opportunity to introduce it to my friends who am sure will be very much interested
    Thank you so much Jami, the article is wonderful

  6. Meredith says:

    In some ways, we may even get more out of our failures than we do from our successes. If I had let my fear of failure stop me, I would have potentially been missing out on some of my greatest learning opportunities. Success is good, everyone wants to succeed which is what we pray for but peradventure you fail on your way to success, embrace it, lesson the lessons and forge ahead. It’s just meant to happen that way sometimes

  7. AA says:

    I see learning from failure as one key difference between the successful and the unsuccessful. The successful keep going. They keep refining, refocusing and refusing to give up. They certainly don’t pass blame and point the finger. They take calculated risks, knowing why they try something new.
    If you must fail, make sure you fail forward

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