How to Create Prospects on Demand for Your Paparazzi Business: Part II

How to Create Prospects on Demand for Your Paparazzi Business Part II

Prospects on Demand for Your Paparazzi Business: Part II

Approaching people or bringing up “sales” in an everyday conversation can be very hard to do. However, I’ve compiled a list of tried and true tactics that I use on a regular basis. These should help you prospect on demand for your Paparazzi business and gain prospects and new Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories clientele.

Getting People’s Attention

Getting people’s attention and getting them to listen just requires a bit of a mindset change and sharpening your “sales” approach. Your home-based business is interesting to people—most every person that I know would LOVE to work from home and own their time. I call these tips my paint-by-number tips and velvet hammer techniques for creating a beautiful and prosperous future.

Using these 10 techniques will not only help you create prospects on demand for your Paparazzi business, it will help your team of consultants, your Sparkle Sisters!

Change Your Train Of Thought

1) Change your train of thought. Don’t look at your new career as if you are selling something. You are not “peddling your wares”, simply showcasing your new business through enthusiasm and down-to-earth conversations. Look at it as if you are sharing something with friends and family. First of all, if you own Paparazzi jewelry, you already know that it really sells itself. So, you are already ahead of the game. Women of all ages are drawn to Paparazzi Accessories, so relax and be yourself. You’re not unloading swamp land to innocent buyers; you are helping to empower others, so let it Sparkle!

Be Ready

2) Always be prepared to discuss Paparazzi Jewelry. You don’t need a sales pitch, per se. But get to know your products and your team of Sparkle Sisters. The products are ever-changing, but watch jewelry trends, because Paparazzi Jewelry designers are on top of it. Sparkle Sisters are chock full of important information. We are always ready to give helpful hints and selling tips if you are faced with questions that you don’t know the answer to.

Share Your Plan

3) Try to relate with your prospect on how you got involved with Paparazzi Jewelry and the Sparkle Sisterhood. Be ready to share your plans for the future with potential Sparkle Seeds. Prospective consultants will want to know how many consultants you have enlisted and their success stories. Count how many pieces of Paparazzi Jewelry you have sold. Once people hear the number, they will do the math in their head. So, if you sell 100 pieces, you get to pocket $225 dollars! When you say things like that, people will listen.

Share The Benefits

4) Think about how selling paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories has changed your life. What are the benefits you have been able to take advantage of? Have you purchased a new car? Changed where you lived? Are your credit cards bills been reduced? What great family vacations have you taken? Do you now work 4 days a week? What does your savings look like for your kid’s college? Whatever you’ve been able to do, be prepared to relay those accomplishments to prospects; people want to hear those exciting facts. Your successes serve as a soft hook.

Working From Home

5) Talk about the wonderful aspects of working from home. Do you get to sleep-in and eat together as a family more often? What is your working attire…Sweats or PJs? Are you pool side while you’re working and running errands in the middle of the day? Are you now attending all your kid’s games and events? Do you get to go grocery or clothes shopping in the middle of the week? Whatever the ways working from home has affected you in a positive way, you need to SHARE it! Those things sound like paradise to those who must fight traffic, clock-in and clock-out, miss their kid’s school events, and constantly eat fast food.

Be Your Best Customer

6) WEAR your Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories no matter where you go. Wear it to the grocery, out to Happy Hour with your besties, when you’re shopping at the mall. Wear it when you’re shopping at your favorite boutique, which is also an excellent place to match jewelry to new clothes! I wear my Paparazzi Jewelry to neighborhood barbecues, sporting events, to church, and to my kid’s school functions. You get the picture, e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e you go. Paparazzi Jewelry pieces are eye-catching, and I get approached about my jewelry all the time. Taking the extra two minutes to put on my Paparazzi Jewelry has brought me consultants and clients! And one of the best parts is, I didn’t have to approach anyone as they came to me!

Pay Attention To Trends

7) One of the ways that I keep my inventory moving is by sharing the Paparazzi Jewelry products with my friends and family. I also observe people. I check out the personal style of my kid’s teachers, women in my Bible Study, my hairdresser, basically everyone that I see on a regular basis. When I sit down to order more Paparazzi Jewelry, I look for and buy pieces that I think are perfect for whomever I’m thinking about. The next time I see them I simply say, “Hey, I was thinking about you the other day and I have some new pieces that I think you will love.” I also shop for pieces that I love, so that makes my job even more fun!

Your Road To Success

8) Look at this career move as if you have already gained success. Because you have! The minute you decided to run a home-based business and sell Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories, you became part of a very successful team of people. And since you are ready, willing, and able to be a part of this team, you have the capability of paving your road to success. In my experience, the salespeople who act like they have already “made the sell” are the most successful and prosperous.

Always Carry Your Business Cards

9) Keep your business cards handy. I hand them out to every person, male or female, that comments on my Paparazzi Jewelry and shows interest in joining the Sparkle Sisterhood. I have some in my purse, my glove compartment, my husband’s glove compartment, my carry-on luggage, etc. I am never without one and, YES, they have brought me consultants and clients!

Take A Day Off

10) And last, but not least—If you’re having an “off” day or are just not feeling it; take the day off. Don’t overdo it or push too hard. It’s not healthy and it doesn’t help the Lady Boss image you’re shooting for. And don’t beat yourself up for it either! Everybody needs and deserves a little downtime, and time to recharge. Don’t worry, you will not lose your momentum, you will gain more strength by taking care of you. Creating prospects on demand for your Paparazzi business, after all, that’s one of the reasons you joined forces with the Sparkle Sisterhood and Paparazzi Jewelry!

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