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The most important statement that I will make about Paparazzi Jewelry concerns you, not me. First, you need to know that I am here for you, with you and because of you. Yes, I work hard, make sacrifices and have been blessed with an amazing team of Sparkle Sisters. And, today I now have the privilege of being in the top 1% of consultants in Paparazzi. Jewelry. However, before I took the first step towards my exciting journey, I was you.

As an Elite and Black Diamond with Paparazzi, I have climbed the ropes. I am not a natural-born saleswoman, a business genius or an accountant. But I am living proof that you don’t have to possess any of those qualities to be a big success in Paparazzi Jewelry and to get paid to party like a boss. You just have to commit to the correct Paparazzi Jewelry training curriculum with the right training, coaching and mentoring, from the right sponsor.

Please believe that you already possess the qualities that it takes to be an Elite Sparkle Sister because I was you. I know that you already possess the qualities that it takes to be an Elite Sparkle Sister because I was you.

I encourage you to join forces with me and our amazing Sparkle Elite Team. Our incredible Paparazzi Jewelry Training is available to you the day you get started. Together, we will show you how to successfully build your Paparazzi Jewelry business the fun, fast way. If you feel intimidated or just don’t think you have what it takes, just remind yourself that I was you.

Take a moment to click the link below so I can share in more detail why most people feel that the Sparkle Elite Team is where they see themselves having the best chance at success. Because if I can do this, so can YOU!

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Jami’s Coaching Philosophy

Jami’s Coaching Philosophy!

Prospective Sparkle Sisters ask me what makes my team so awesome. My answer: “EMBRACING.” We embrace our strengths, our wins, and we embrace each other’s journey. While this is the most fun and rewarding experience that I’ve ever had, I take the Sparkle Seeds and Paparazzi Jewelry very seriously. Helping others make decisions that will change their lives forever is very real.

When I joined Paparazzi, I learned very quickly the importance of having the perfect sponsor. So, in addition to increasing my sales, I spent my time learning every aspect of the business. I was committed to becoming the sponsor with the keys to success. 

It is understandable that changing your life and taking this leap can be scary without the perfect sponsor. Which is exactly why I do what I do. I make a point to learn new tricks of the trade regularly so that the Sparkle Sisters and I can stay on top.

Through dedication and enthusiasm, I earned Elite and Black Diamond status and sometimes it’s hard to imagine how quickly I achieved my rankings. I want to teach you how to leverage sales and increase your ranking as quickly as I did.

In addition to my Paparazzi knowledge, my personal values successfully guide me in my success. When you don’t see your gifts, I will. When you don’t have a plan, I do. When you get frustrated, I embrace.

Clicking the link below will help you get your Paparazzi Jewelry training onboarding started. Let’s get your training and coaching moving forward, so that you can gain success with Paparazzi Jewelry as quickly as I did.

Paparazzi Jewelry Training Jami My Journey

My Journey

My Journey!

When I think about my journey from working for someone else to joining Paparazzi Jewelry and becoming an Elite and Black Diamond, all I can say is PINCH ME. Less than 3 years ago, I was sitting right where you are—looking for a better, bright future where I could be The Queen of My Life.

Sometimes it blows my mind to think how I went from 0 to 90 in an amazingly short period of time. I sure was nervous those first few weeks. I’m not gonna lie; I was scared, super excited, but scared. But that fear catapulted my career!

Two months after I became a Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories consultant, I fired my boss and quit my J.O.B. I still cannot believe it only took me two months, but to be honest, I hit the Paparazzi ground running. I wanted it so bad, I could taste it—so I went for the gold (or Black Diamond in this case) and got it.

In a short few months, I was seriously making more income than my 9 to 5 office job. I was finally my own boss and trust me when I say that there is NO feeling like it. I set my own hours, wake and up go to bed when I feel like it, and shop for jewelry for a living.

Most days I don’t even feel like I’m actually working. I support the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Sparkle Sisters with whatever they need, and I buy and sell jewelry that I love. I finally own my life and I want to share my knowledge and good fortune will all of you.

The link below will share with you the information on how you can join forces with the Sparkle Seeds and Own Your Life. You can also view my incredible timeline with Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories.