Jump on Board the Paparazzi Party Train with Jami and our Sparkle Elite Team

If you’re reading this, I assume that you are considering joining forces with me and the rest of our amazing Sparkle Sisters; and we couldn’t be more pleased! If you’ve watched me Live on Facebook or YouTube, you have already seen my personality and my approach. And, just so you know, that is the real Jami. I am a down-to-earth, small town girl with big dreams.

Joining Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories took a lot of courage for me. I wasn’t completely convinced that I could work from home, be my own boss and find success selling $5 jewelry. But since you’ve come this far, you already know that I am in the top 1% of consultants in Paparazzi Jewelry, and that I have achieved Elite and Black Diamond Status! So, I hope that my dedication to Paparazzi Jewelry and the Sparkle Sisters speaks for itself.

I am not a braggart, but I must admit that I couldn’t be prouder of my accomplishments. But I am also the first one to say that without the Sparkle Sisters and their awesome dedication, our accomplishments as a team would not be possible. We are a team of hard-working people that are reaching for the stars.

The best part is, we want on our team and want to help you attain your goals and dreams. I can confidently say that joining the Sparkle Sisters gives you your best chance at achieving the success you’ve always dreamt of.

Please read below to see everything that I and the Sparkle Seeds have to offer you as a new Paparazzi Jewelry consultant.

First, let me share with you why I joined Paparazzi Jewelry and why I have found success:

  • The amazing quality of the Paparazzi jewelry pieces. The craftsmanship and the designs of the earrings, bracelets and necklace sets are unmatched. This is jewelry that I buy and wear and give as gifts.
  • The on-trend fashion sense of the Paparazzi Jewelry buyers. Paparazzi buyers work year-round to ensure we have cutting-edge jewelry designs. They provide new pieces five days a week! Paparazzi jewelry has something for everyone-no matter their age, personal taste or gender.
  • This low-risk factor of joining. Paparazzi has been around for years and they are stable and know what they’re doing. The worse case scenario for me was that I would be left with adorable jewelry. But, if you’ve every watched me Live on Facebook or YouTube, you know that the jewelry sells itself. Also, the market is not “flooded”, so my timing was just right for joining.
  • I connect with Paparazzi Jewelry. I love the jewelry, I stand behind it, and it is super easy for me to represent the company. Better yet, the company also represents who I am and what I stand for.
  • Low prices and high returns. Paparazzi Jewelry is the right price for every budget. I still can’t believe that the pieces are an amazing $5! And I make 45% on every single piece that I sell. My returns absolutely help me achieve my goals and dreams.
  • The support team and consultants are wonderful people. I work with some of the most upbeat, enthusiastic people I have ever met. We all have the same agenda-sell jewelry-wear jewelry-pay bills-take vacations-laugh-love-and be happy!
  • I can be myself. I am not a fake or flashy person and I cannot sell anything that I don’t believe in. With Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories, I get to be me-all day, every day! I love fashion, so me and jewelry are just a great fit. Getting up every day and deciding what clothes and jewelry to wear is a part of my job! How awesome is that?
  • I get to work from home and Own My Time. I had always worked for others and my time was not my own. I went from home to work and back home again; only to get up and do it all over again. I was exhausted and unfulfilled. Joining Paparazzi Jewelry changed that. I now set my own hours, manage my OWN time, spend more time with my family and have more resources to follow MY dreams.

Now, Let’s Talk About You

The decision to join Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories is an easy one. Choosing the perfect sponsor is a little more difficult. Once you join, you only have 3 days to change your sponsor, which means that if you happen to make a poor choice, you will be forever tied to that sponsor. As I stated, I was you—and I know the ropes and I know what you need to know. The best part is, the Sparkle Sisters and I want to share everything that we know with you. We are ready, willing and able to help your transition into Partying Like a Boss run as smooth as silk. There are no dumb questions, so reach out and ask!

Now, I want to know why you want to join Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories as a consultant. Here is a quick list of five easy questions to ask yourself before you jump on the Paparazzi Party Train with our incredible Sparkle Elite Team:

  • Do I connect with the amazing Paparazzi Jewelry?
  • Do I want to learn how to Be My Own Boss from a sponsor that is in the top 1%?
  • Do I want to Work from Home and Own My Time while working with an awesome team?
  • Do I want to work with knowledgeable, friendly, upbeat people who know the ropes?
  • Do I want the potential for earning unlimited income with a group of people that are already living their dream?

If your answers are “YES!” Then reach out! We are here with open arms to help get you started. Now is a great time to join because I have so much important information to share with you to get you on the right track. Fortunately, there are infinite possibilities for new consultants, if you are willing to follow my fun and informative tips for Partying Like a Boss.

Not only will you get tips and advice, the Sparkle Sisters and I will coach you through the Paparazzi process. You will never be alone and since I have already been there, done that, I am chock full of advice and shortcuts.

What I am Willing to Share with You:

  • Who I am, who the Sparkle Sisterhood is and who to sell Paparazzi to
  • What the company stands for and what they provide for consultants
  • When to order, when to ship, when to have parties and when to relax
  • Where to host parties and create eye-catching displays
  • Why the jewelry sells itself and why you should succeed with us
  • How to host LIVE shows on Facebook and You Tube and how to enlist consultants

I hope that this has answered most of your questions and put you more at ease with Paparazzi Jewelry and Sparkle Seeds. If not, no worries!

Have Additional Questions? Hit me up! Email me at: JamiSparkles@gmail.com or feel free to call me directly at 803-253-2102.  To learn more about my story I invite you to read this article: https://www.sparkleseeds.com/about-jami-warren/

I go “Live” on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/sparkleseeds or YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/c/sparkleseeds every Sunday at 8PM EST, Tuesday at 1OAM EST and 8PM EST.

Feel free to PM me on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sparkleseeds

Say hi to me on social:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sparkleseeds

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/sparkleseeds

I look forward to meeting you soon!

With Respect,

XOXO – Jami