I’m Jami Warren

I’m a small-town girl with big dreams. Obsessed with cats, my husband’s blackened shrimp alfredo, and all things sparkly! I’ve been keepin’ it real since day 1. Read on for the rest! For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, or my story, let me give you a little insight into who I am, who I was, and who I strive to be. I was raised on St. Simons Island, in the sweet tea, pecan pie, Southern peach state of Georgia. I am a definitely a beachy girl at heart. My husband, Christian, and I now live near the beach in Florida. Many of you have seen me “Live” and know me well. You know my fear of public speaking. You know that I’m not pushy and that I am definitely not a flashy sales type person. I don’t over state things and rarely promote the amazing transformation I have experienced in my own life since joining Paparazzi Accessories a little over a year and a half ago.

In September 2017, I invested in a Paparazzi Starter Kit. Little did I know, that kit would be my one-way ticket out of my windowless office. That single investment led me to this amazing Paparazzi business I’m running today. I never imagined that I would not only own and run my own business, I never fathomed that I would be this fulfilled. As the Southern way goes, I absolutely love to have fun, praise God along my path, and help others every chance I get; and Paparazzi is what catapulted me into this wonderful journey, and Sparkle Seeds was born.

I didn’t always have this business: the confidence, the sparkle sisters, the jewelry, our Facebook community, the sales, and certainly not the fun… in fact, less than two years ago you would have found me tired and complacent, exhausted in my job. I thought I had landed my dream job, but that dream turned into long hours of trading time for dollars but never feeling appreciated or fulfilled.

My “story” is not complete without, of course, mentioning my awesome Sparkle Team. You are some of the most supportive, enthusiastic and kindest people that I have ever known. But, as I have come to realize, that is what Paparazzi’s foundation is based on. We are a sister and brotherhood of fun, upbeat, happy people who want to be successful, be surrounded with beauty, and help others at every turn. We are here for each other and could not thrive without the awesome team camaraderie that we have developed, and I would never want to take this exciting journey without each and every one of you!

I hope that all of you know, that I am here for YOU. I will provide you with all the tools you need, encourage you through every step, and help guide you to the success that I now know is just one bracelet, necklace, or jewelry set away. To be honest, the pieces really sell themselves, we are just the showcase vessels. The fact of the matter is, we have a stellar line of pieces that are ever-changing and suited to everyone’s style and are always fabulous, always fashionable, and always $5!

Let’s face it… anyone who is being honest with themselves would love to be their own boss and work from home. I know I did, and I feel obligated to get out of my comfort zone and share with you the fastest path I know on how you can make a positive and lasting change in your life starting today. If I can encourage even one person to step outside of their box and realize “I’ve got this” and “I can do this” despite all of the doubters and naysayers out there, then I’ll consider my job done. Paparazzi has been such a blessing that it’s time to let it be known…to give back and to pay it forward!

Welcome to the world of beautiful $5.00 accessories that make you feel like a million bucks! With endless pieces to choose from, there’s truly something for everybody! Life doesn’t Sparkle unless you do…inside and out is what it’s all about! Leave a trail wherever you go…

Your Sparkle Sister,

XOXO ~Jami~

My Success Story
  • The day I joined Paparazzi Jewlery

    Sept 16th 2017 Joined Paparazzi Jewelry

    The day I joined Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories and the first day of the rest of my life.

  • My first Paparazzi Jewelry Live Event

    Oct 26th 2017 My First Live

    This was my first live! As you can see I was so scared and had some much-needed liquid courage to get through this.

  • fired my boss party

    Dec 1st 2017 Fired My Boss

    This was when I fired my boss. My Paparazzi income had surpassed my J.O.B income. It only took 2 months!

  • Paparazzi Jewelry Director

    Dec 8th 2017 Became A Director

    Officially hit the rank of Director! Starting to gain momentum.

  • paparazzi jewelry premier director

    Jan 11th 2018 Became A Premier Director

    Officially hit the rank of Premier Director! I’m feeling that my Sparkle Seeds business is about to take off.

  • moving my paparazzi jewelry business to florida

    Jan 19th 2018 Moved To Florida

    Moved my Paparazzi business to Florida where I had family help because I no longer could keep up by myself!

  • paparazzi jewelry empower me pink tour

    Feb 3rd 2018 Empower Me Pink

    I attended my first Empower Me Pink Tour in Atlanta, GA. I got so inspired!

  • Paparazzi jewelry executive director

    Feb 12th 2018 Became An Executive Director

    Officially hit the rank of Executive Director! My Paparazzi Jewelry business is now really heating up!

  • Paparazzi Jewelry crown club

    April 11th 2018 Hit Crown Club 10

    I officially became a “Crown Club 10” member. My next goal is Crown Club 25!

  • paparazzi jewelry diamond life of the party

    May 11th 2018 Diamond

    Officially recognized as a “Life of the Party” Diamond. I can’t wait to stay at the Red Rock Casino in Vegas and tour our new corporate office!

  • Paparazzi Jewelry Producer

    July 10th 2018 Became A Producer

    Officially hit the rank of Producer! The success that I am seeing each week is amazing!

  • Paparazzi jewelry national convention

    July 29th 2018 Aspire Las Vegas

    Las Vegas Aspire Convention! Holy Smokes this event changed my business overnight!

  • paparazzi jewelry life of the party

    Sept 24th 2018 Diamond Trip

    Red Rock Casino “Life of the Party” Diamond trip!

  • Paparazzi jewelry shopping spree

    Sept 25th 2018 Diamond Shopping Spree

    “Life of the Party” $2000 Diamond Shopping Spree! We had to spend it all in one day. We had to give the cards back when we returned to the bus. Talk about pressure! I know what ya’ll are thinking. “How hard could it be?” Let me tell you…it’s harder than you think…:)

  • Paparazzi Passport Dominican Republic

    Oct 31st 2018 Dominican Dream Vacation

    So excited! I learned today that I won an all expense paid trip to the Dominican Republic. This company never ceases to amaze me!

  • Paparazzi Jewelry Christmas Quilt

    Dec 11th 2018 Paparazzi Christmas

    Merry Christmas to me from Paparazzi. The most beautiful custom branded Paparazzi quilt. The best owners in the industry. First Class all the way!

  • sparkle seeds hip surgery

    March 25th 2019 Hip Surgery

    Total Hip Replacement surgery that would end up being a much longer recovery than anticipated. But because of Paparazzi I didn’t have to ask for time off. How sweet is to be your own boss!

  • Building my paparazzi jewelry business from bed

    April 7th 2019 Going Live From Bed

    This is social proof that you can build your Paparazzi business from anywhere. A few weeks after surgery I just had to go live from my bed…:)

  • Paparazzi Jewelry Premier Producer

    April 11th 2019 Became A Premier Producer

    Officially hit the rank of Premier Producer! It seems as if the growth is multiplying each month. So blessed…you don’t even know.

  • paparazzi jewelry black diamond life of the party

    May 10th 2019 Black Diamond

    Officially recognized as a “Life of the Party” Black Diamond. This year’s upcoming trip is going to be the best ever! Can’t wait to hang out with all the amazing Paparazzi leaders. Each one of them are so inspiring!

  • paparazzi jewelry elite birthday cake

    July 4th 2019 Happy 50th Birthday

    What an amazing birthday cake my hubby had made for me. He ordered this weeks before I actually made Elite knowing that were going to make it! What a fantastic 50th birthday present!

  • Paparazzi jewelry elite executive producer

    July 11th 2019 Officially Hit Elite

    What an incredible accomplishment! Working so hard really paid off. I want to thank all the Sparkle Sisters for everything they do each and everyday. Without you… none of this would be possible! We all will share this together!

  • Jami Blockbuster Pic Paparazzi jewelry

    July 29th 2019 Blockbuster Photo Shoot

    I am so exited to have had the opportunity to be a model for the 2019 Life of the party Blockbuster shoot. This was a special privilege for those of us who made Black Diamond. What an amazing experience and honor.

  • paparazzi jewelry crown 25

    September 11th 2019 Hit Crown Club 25

    I officially became a “Crown Club 25” member. My next goal is Crown Club 50!

To Be Continued...