How much does a Paparazzi consultant make: Team-building Commissions

You can also make additional Paparazzi income by building a team.  You receive 5% commission on your team member’s orders.  Once you achieve director status, (three active team members in one month) you will receive 10% commission on your team’s orders.  When I first started with Paparazzi I did not pay any attention to this part of the compensation information.  I didn’t understand it and I didn’t have any intention of building a team.  Now my team is one of the best parts of this Paparazzi journey.  Every member of the SparkleSeeds Sisters plays a special role in my Paparazzi journey and will always have special places in my heart. Leading a team has been a great experience for me but it is not for everyone.  Starting out, you should know that it is not required to build a team.  Paparazzi even has a separate rewards program for those consultants who choose to focus more on retail sales.

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