What do Hostesses Earn?

Earn FREE jewelry and/or hair accessories for hosting a Basket party, Online party, Home party, or Open House:

The company offers 10% in retail sales for hostesses and we are compensated 2 free pieces for every 20 we buy for our cash and carry inventory.

Along with the 10% I will give my hostesses these as well.

* 1 free item for hosting (with $50+ plus tax in sales)

* 1 free item for each party booked (given when their party is held)

* 1-3 free items if you refer someone and they become a consultant. 1 for $99 kit, 2 for $299 and 3 for $499

* Hostess Program: When a hostess has several parties a year, she gets a little more from me than my one night partiers*

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